Who We Are

The ICA Board Of Directors Are:


Reverend Joseph Guth

Helped organize the Rockford Conference on Discernment and Evangelism and The Science and Worldview Symposium
Has been an Elder, Teacher, and Speaker

Areas of Interest:
Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Oneness Pentecostals, Heterodox Charismatic Groups
Various Eschatologies, Hebrew Roots, Theology, Reformed/Covenantal
Class “A” Chess Player, Coached two scholastic national champions
Coached two top three in the nation scholastic teams (Christian Life, King)
Electrical Engineer
B.A. Management and Leadership, Judson College
A.A., Rock Valley College
A.A.S. Electronics Technology, Rock Valley College

Married since 1986, raised two children, attending Rockford First since 2008
Hosts the Monday evening class and study “Mount Carmel Outreach”
Occasional guest host on the radio show “Perspective Underground”
Board Member for ICA/MCO since July 2012

Eric Pement

Board Member ICA/MCO
Former Executive Editor of Cornerstone magazine, Chicago
Co-Chaired Rockford Conference on Discernment and Evangelism
Past President of Evangelical Ministries to New Religions (EMNR)
Speaks on a number of topics

Dr. H. Wayne House

Board Member ICA/MCO Emeritus 
Masters of Theology and Patristic Greek
Doctorates in Theology and Law
Professor of Law (Trinity Law School) and Professor of Theology and Culture (Trinity Graduate School) at Trinity International University, CA.
Past President of Evangelical Theological Society
Co-Founder, Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
Director of Center For Law and Religion
Founder of Christian Perspective International
Board member of Evangelical Ministries to New Religions
Author of numerous books and scholarly articles
Speaks on a number of topics

Jacob Caraotta

Board Member ICA/MCO
Dr. Caraotta has been a Christian believer since 1977.  Shortly after becoming a believer, his best friend in high school became a Mormon.  Early in his Christian walk, out of passion to lead his friend to Christ, he became interested defending the Christian faith, and started on the road to apologetics to expound biblical truth and refuting and exposing cults and the occult.  In his undergraduate education at Morehead State University, he was exposed to Josh McDowell’s teachings as well as Crew, deepening his understanding in Christian roots and obtaining additional tools in presenting the gospel.  In 1982, Dr. Caraotta attended the National College of Chiropractic currently called the National University of Health Sciences.  Since the natural health field breeds individuals with the mindset of “if it works, use it” many drawn to these fields are open to the occult and often engage in activities such as Transcendental Meditation and “healing” techniques that are spiritual in nature, contrary to biblical guidelines and can open individuals up to demonic oppression and control. On several occasions, Dr. Caraotta has exposed the danger of these practices to well-meaning colleagues. He uses his knowledge as a Chiropractic Orthopedist along with biblical guidelines in practice on a daily basis.

Dr. Caraotta has served on the advisory board council at the Winnebago County Board of Health, was board member of The Samaritan House, and currently serves on the boards of ICA/MCO and Bob Cornuke’s BASE Institute.  He has been in private practice since 1986, and is currently the only physician in Rockford board certified in Chiropractic and Orthopedics.  Dr. Caraotta and his wife have 4 children, reside in Boone county (Illinois), and are active in their church and the community.

Salem Barker

Board Member ICA/MCO
Salem Barker has been attending the Mt. Carmel Outreach discussion group since 1997 and has been a close friend of Kevin Johnson ever since. World travels, including multiple trips to Israel, and a broad encountering with many differing worldviews has sharpened his intuition for defending the faith entrusted to the saints. Salem co-hosts the radio show Perspective Underground.

Mark Rouleau

Board Member ICA/MCO
Has been an Illinois attorney for nearly thirty years.  He was admitted to practice before the state of Illinois Supreme Court on November 9, 1983; the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois December 21, 1983; and the Supreme Court of the United States on Aug. 11, 1995.

Extensively published in professional periodicals and frequent teacher in continuing legal education seminars and as guest lecturer in several Illinois law schools.

Habitat for Humanity, Boy Scouting (Eagle Scout – past assistant Scout Master), Blackhawk Presbytery Commissioner to the PC(USA) General Assembly, June 2004; Blackhawk Presbytery PC(USA) Committee on Ministry (2005 – 2010); Westminster Presbyterian Church (Active Elder 2001-2003), Pastoral Nominating Committee (2004), Christian Education Commission (2001-2003), and Witness Commission (1999-2000), Habitat for Humanity local congregation liaison (1998-99)

Mark co-hosts and co-produces the radio show Perspective Underground.

Bob Swenson - Board Member ICA/MCO

Don Wollery - Board Member ICA/MCO

Bryan Neal – Board Member ICA/MCO